Flexible Talent Solutions

Why Consider TRN Flexible Talent Solutions?

The success of high growth companies is dependent on providing a competitive product or service offering supported by the right leaders and team members. The talent you employ is critical to reaching your goals. With industries morphing and evolving at a rapid pace, employing a Flexible Talent Solution is the right strategy.

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  • Experienced Executives across the entire C-Suite (Sales, Marketing, Finance, Operations, +)
  • Functional Experts including GTM strategists, Tech Experts, & Product Developers
  • Individual Sales expertise to penetrate new markets or sell new products
  • Sales Team Cohorts for specific short- or medium-term initiatives
  • Instructional Design expertise for a product push
  • Trainers for new verticals or geographies
  • Digital Marketing talent
  • Specialist Positions across all levels

*List not exhaustive


  1. Quickly find talent to fill gaps and capitalize on opportunities.
  2. All employment and administrative obligations and risks are handled by TRN.
  3. Keeps a portion of your personnel expense flexible and agile
  4. TRN has access to the best and brightest talent through 25+ years of focused excellence.

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