How to be found online

Today’s job seekers often do not have the time to scour job boards and make multiple applications which companies will view. The Renaissance Network uses various techniques to find the best talent online. Although we’re good at what we do, it is never guaranteed that a person will be found, so what can be done to become more visible online?

Your LinkedIn profile

  1. Update your LinkedIn profile regularly.
  2. Provide a detailed summary of work history and professional accomplishments
  3. Grow your skillset list and use keywords relating to specific roles, which a researcher will pick up.
  4. Provide the correct location; this is important when looking for the ideal profile.
  5. Passive, happily employed candidates should use LinkedIn to stay in touch with their professional network and actively grow contacts.
  6. Following a search company or individual recruiter helps future career planning.

Tips For Resumes That Recruiters Will Read

  1. Quantify your achievements
  2. Use keywords in your resume that relate to the job
  3. Cut out any cliché terms
  4. Post your resume online and let recruiters find you
  5. Keep your information relevant
  6. Don’t brag about the basics

Be Proactive on Job Boards

  1. TRN posts all opportunities on leading job sites. Actively applying for a new role can be a great way to get noticed by a potential employer.
  2. TRN partners with a wide range of companies within Technology & Education, and every candidate can potentially access other opportunities we may be working on.
  3. TRN welcome applications from passive candidates. When people apply for a specific role, they often fail to see this as an opportunity to be noticed by future companies that match their competencies and skillsets. Our search team is driven to place the right people with the right opportunities, and we might find the right fit before you do
  4. TRN posts links to all new opportunities on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin, so it has never been easier to follow us and let the opportunities come to you.

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