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Customer Results
“TRN has an incredible screening process to learn about a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses.”
Customer Results
“I was immediately impressed by the level of detail and sourcing that (TRN) does to find the right candidate.”

Customer Results

TRN’s methodical approach to searching for and identifying quality candidates is tops in the industry. The team has a proven process and the benefits span from transparency to accountability in the search and hiring process. 25 years in the industry allow them to not only bring us vetted, qualified candidates, but also give us honest, pertinent feedback on our journey.
Paul Brown
Customer Results
“(TRN) does a great job of giving the background of the
individuals, and what you find to be the positives in the areas that we should hone in on and ensure we inspect.”
Customer Results
“When I talked to the Renaissance Network, I was confident that they all knew a lot that we could learn from, and that would help us pick the right person for the role we were looking for.”
Customer Results
“What sets (TRN) apart is the caliber of the personnel they’re bringing you. TRN does an incredible job of understanding the market and the type of hiring profile you’re looking for, which is obviously very different for each organization.”
“TRN has become a trusted, invaluable partner and a true extension of our team. TRN’s advice and insights have been an amazing resource. Their process combined with their dedication to perfection, extensive experience and deep relationships are nothing short of incredible. We are immensely grateful to have partnered with TRN!”
“TRN’s extensive network of edtech
professionals, combined with their
in-depth recruitment process,
connected us with candidates who
fit the role and our culture. The TRN team provided consistent follow up and guidance to help us navigate today’s competitive job market. We had a terrific experience and are successfully onboarding our new sales leader!”
Customer Results
“I really liked the approach that (TRN) took. I liked the rigor of it and the process of causing candidates to really invest in finding out whether we might be a fit. The approach set up something that is really important to us, which is productive persistence.”
Customer Results
“I didn’t realize how much you reach out to people and the science behind how many you reach out to. And how many respond to and interact with you before they even get to me and to see how many people you have to reach out to in the first place.”
Customer Results
“The benefits of (working with TRN) that folks may take for granted but so often aren’t even there are the fundamentals – whether it’s the communications, the process, the transparency, the rhythm of all of that stuff is fundamental to communication and I found it to be really helpful in our process.”
Customer Results
“In my environment, what I needed was a partner … The value that I got from TRN was the team, the process, and linking it all together.”

Customer Results

I really got to know the personalities at TRN. I think of Colin and Amy almost as an extension of our team because they would speak to me personally and professionally after our first couple of meetings. They really got to know who I was looking for, and some of that is beyond just a job description.
Kurt Zastrow

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