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Back to School: 16 EdTech Companies to Watch

In this year’s US Governors’ Top Education Priorities Report, the critical education trends for 2022 are as follows: K-12 Funding, Workforce Development, Teacher Staffing, Physical/Mental Health, Post-Secondary Affordability, and Learning Recovery.

Those companies and non-profit organizations that focus on these key areas are succeeding in a time of rapid EdTech change, adoption, and growth: the total EdTech market is predicted to hit over $400 billion by 2025. They are addressing (among others) adult learning, social-emotional tools, learning management, evidence-based engagement, and marginalized student support.

We are featuring pure play EdTech organizations that provide impactful services for PreK-12, Higher Education, Continuing Education, and Corporate Learning. The list is arranged alphabetically—this is a compilation of 16 innovative education companies that have succeeded in influencing the market in a time of rapid change, not a ranking list.

16 Leading EdTech Companies To Watch (company descriptions below list):

  • Agile Mind
  • AltaClaro
  • AVID Products
  • BellXcel
  • Committee for Children
  • Isograd
  • KEV Group
  • Lecturio
  • MIND Research Institute
  • Possip
  • Smashcut
  • Stride
  • Summit K12
  • Vivi
  • Wadhwani Foundation
  • Wakelet

1. Agile Mind

Location: Grapevine, TX

What It Does: Agile Mind offers cross-platform learning in mathematics, science, and social and emotional (SEL) programs. The learning experience is a blended format of animations and real-world explorations that engage the entire class in active discussions or individual students can practice outside the classroom.

2. AltaClaro

Location: New York, NY

What It Does: AltaClaro‘s unique learn-by-doing and feedback model helps attorneys become practice-ready more quickly, empowering participants from the world’s leading law firms to own their career trajectories while helping firms drastically reduce training costs.

3. AVID Products

Location: Middletown, RI

What It Does: AVID Products provides the audio solution of choice for education. Its headphones are designed for all ages, are easy to clean to promote wellness, and incorporate safety features such as smooth edges and chew-resistant cords.

4. BellXcel

Location: Dorchester, MA

What It Does: BellXcel is a technology-centered non-profit that offers evidence-based products and services for youth organizations and schools. Proven best practices drive every aspect of the BellXcel solution – from the powerful platform to flexible curriculum and professional development, to personalized support every step of the way.

5. Committee for Children

Location: Seattle, WA

What It Does: Committee for Children is a non-profit committed to advancing the safety and well-being of children through social-emotional learning (SEL). Its Second Step program utilizes a mixture of mediums and provides a lesson plan that benefits children from PreK through middle school. Other programs include bullying prevention and child protection.

6. Isograd

Location: Vancouver, WA

What It Does: Isograd’s advanced SaaS-based testing platforms are developed in-house and compliant with international standards for personal data protection, candidates’ equality of treatment and accessibility. They offer Tosa, an internationally recognized digital skills certification solution and Isograd Testing Services, off-the-shelf and customized assessment solutions for recruitment and training.

7. KEV Group

Location: Ontario, Canada

What It Does: KEV Group has developed an innovative cloud-based solution for online payments, fee management, school accounting, and digital forms. SchoolCash simplifies school tasks, increases transparency and accountability, and makes it easy for families to preload funds for their children.

8. Lecturio

Location: Leipzig, Germany

What It Does: Lecturio is an advanced learning system that adjusts itself to the individual learning speed of its users. They offer an affordable, adaptive, and personalized digital medical education platform designed with the needs of learners and faculty in mind, combined with the latest learning technology and comprehensive monitoring and assessment features.

9. MIND Research Institute

Location: Irvine, CA

What It Does: MIND Research Institute is a non-profit committed to research and equipping PreK-8 students with the visual tools to advance their math engagement and achievement levels. Their award-winning software program ST Math leverages the spatial-temporal reasoning ability of the brain through challenging puzzles, formative feedback, and non-routine problem-solving.

10. Possip

Location: Nashville, TN

What It Does: Possip lets people quickly share praise and feedback in multiple languages. Possip makes it easy for school staff, families, or the broader community to be engaged with Pulse Check™ messages. They remove barriers like language, education, transportation, or technology.

11. Smashcut

Location: Montclair, NJ

What It Does: Smashcut is a breakthrough technology company dedicated to media-centric, collaborative education. They partner with universities and organizations to develop and deliver customized online programs leveraging a next-generation online learning environment and broadcast-quality content.

12. Stride

Location: Herndon, VA

What It Does: Stride Learning Solutions knocks down barriers to a great education and give every learner an equal opportunity to succeed. Their innovative learning experience provides flexible online and blended learning options that boost modern instruction and promote lifelong student success.

13. Summit K12

Location: Austin, TX

What It Does: Summit K12 is a leading provider of online education solutions that empower learners, support teachers, and accelerate achievement. Their online, standards-based supplemental curriculum will close gaps and ensure growth for all students, from English learners and students struggling to read or write to those who just need a little extra practice to master key concepts.

14. Vivi

Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

What It Does: Vivi helps IT help teachers help students with classroom technology that enhances collaboration, control, and creativity. They deliver the only scalable, easy-to-use wireless screen sharing and student engagement solution engineered for, and by, the education sector.

15. Wadhwani Foundation

Location: Bengaluru, India

What It Does: Wadhwani Foundation is an innovative non-profit whose primary mission is accelerating economic development in emerging economies. Leveraging technology, the foundation empowers students to learn job-ready skills.

16. Wakelet

Location: Manchester, England

What It Does: Wakelet is the best way for people to save, organize and share the online content that’s most important to them, all in one place – from videos and podcasts to news articles, Tweets, and Instagram posts. Millions of people around the world use the Wakelet platform every day to curate content from across the web, gather research, create digital portfolios, tell digital stories, distribute newsletters, and much, much more.

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