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Top 10 Ways to Attract and Retain Top Talent

Say your organization is hiring for multiple positions, but you are having trouble finding the right candidates for the job. Your company has struggled with this more than once, limiting your ability to hit your business plan targets. More specifically, the lack of qualified candidates has led to the following problems:

  • You are missing out on talent that your competition is gaining.
  • Your company is losing out on its ability to innovate and create new products because of a lack of talented prospects.
  • You cannot penetrate into new markets.
  • Your organization cannot grow at the rate you would like.

We have all been there. Ultimately, losing out on the right talent has multiple long-lasting effects for your organization. The following 10 tips are meant to help you prevent these problems.

1. Develop great job descriptions.

These job descriptions should include a robust description of the job role to make the jobs enticing to potential candidates. Additionally, the job description should provide an explanation of the opportunities for growth within the role and the company. According to a study by LinkedIn, 30% of the United States job force is actively seeking a new job. Most of these candidates prefer being provided as much relevant information about a job as possible.

Your job description is often one of the first touch points someone has with your company. Make it great; make it stand out, and you are guaranteed to get more relevant candidates for your unfilled roles.

2. Put together robust, awareness-driven marketing campaigns.

Another main touchpoint in which people are made aware of your brand is through marketing campaigns. Develop great campaigns, or video series, which outline how fantastic it is to work at your company. These marketing campaigns should outline the benefits of working with your brand; doing so will provide tangible evidence to your candidates that your workspace is a good one to be a part of.

3. Cultivate a large candidate pool.

After you have developed an excellent job posting, keep it open for long enough to get at least 150 qualified candidates. Doing so will allow you to gather the most qualified leads possible. The more qualified leads you have, the more likely you will pick the best person for your job posting. And, as you are hoping, you will instantly see problems being solved from the list above.

4. Offer top notch benefits to your employees.

Provide your employees with necessary benefits including paid healthcare and 401(k) investing options. Offer the best 401(k) matching that your organization can provide. Develop a strong and positive work culture, provide a growth trajectory for your employees, and take hold of diversity and inclusion programs within your organization.

5. Once hired, work to provide the best opportunities for your employees.

Always assume that other companies are trying to steal your best talent. Circle back to your employees frequently, and make sure they have everything they need to be successful. Provide abundant resources and regular meetings to make sure each employee is getting exactly what he or she needs.

6. Constantly be on the lookout for new talent.

According to the same LinkedIn study, over 87% of the United States workforce is open to new opportunities. That said, executives should continuously be on the lookout for the best talent. This is where a robust human resources team comes into play as well. Allow your HR team to reach out to qualified leads, vet them, and see what would be of most value for them to join your team.

7. Keep the interview process within a tight timeframe.

Remember, you are competing with other companies for the same candidates. Your interview process should be as quick and painless as possible—taking no more than two weeks for candidates to complete the process. For interviews that take longer, you risk the possibility that your best and most qualified leads are stolen by your competition. Be the first to offer your best candidates a job offer.

8. Monitor your Glassdoor review page.

Another main touchpoint potential employees have with your organization is through third-party platforms, such as Glassdoor. Have someone on your team assigned to regularly check up on your Glassdoor review page and respond to negative comments. Doing so will help others to see you care about the concerns of past, current, and prospective employees.

Additionally, make sure to follow step five, and keep up with how your employees are doing. This will prevent negative comments from appearing on your Glassdoor if you address problems before they become serious enough for employees to leave your company.

9. Create a positive offboarding experience.

Losing employees is always a disappointing experience. However, that does not justify treating them poorly during the offboarding experience. If anything, this is your chance to receive feedback for improvement. If the offboarding experience is a poor one, it is guaranteed that others will find out about this process eventually.

10. Incorporate high-level executives in the interview process.

Lastly, C-Suite executives, or other high-level executives should be included in the interview process. Doing so will allow potential employees to ask important questions that other interviewers might not be able to answer. These candidates will also be able to vet your company in terms of culture to know if it is a right fit for them.

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