March 13, 2024 Colin Gillespie

PR Newswire: The Renaissance Network Announces Flexible Talent Solutions

*Permission to repost the original release (originally published March 12th, 2024) provided by PR Newswire

Employing a Flexible Talent Solution can be a critical strategic move for today’s growth oriented companies

BOSTON, March 12, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The market leader in finding top talent for education, technology, and community impact organizations, Boston-based The Renaissance Network (TRN), has announced their entry into providing interim, supplemental, and fractional talent services to add to their 28 years’ experience in offering executive and team permanent hiring solutions. TRN is committed to maximizing the probability of success in their partners’ hiring decisions — the types of decisions that allow businesses to meet and exceed growth goals year-over-year. TRN Flexible Talent Solutions will provide clients with a robust and agile process designed to deliver best-fit interim candidates quickly and according to each client’s specific requirements. TRN is providing growing companies an innovative solution to quickly find talent to fill organizational gaps and capitalize on significant business opportunities.

The Renaissance Network (TRN): Finding world-class talent to impact education and communities.

Finding world-class talent to impact education and communities: The Renaissance Network (TRN), led by Founder/CEO Lisa Sacchetti, has helped companies find top executives and assemble goal-driven teams since 1996. TRN matches unrivaled education & technology expertise with a vast candidate network, an experienced in-house research team, powerful customized marketing, and a proven, client-focused process. Their mandate is to provide their global partners with targeted, specialized search and consulting services to uncover world-class talent. For the past five years, Forbes has recognized TRN as the #1 Executive Search Firm focused exclusively on education & technology.

“I am thrilled to offer our Edtech, Education, and Impact led clients a forward-thinking solution. We enter the interim and fractional talent arena with eyes wide open on current economic conditions. The success of high growth organizations is dependent on providing a competitive product or service offering supported by the right leaders and team members. The talent employed by these companies is critical to reaching their goals. With industries morphing and evolving at a rapid pace, we believe that employing a Flexible Talent Solution can be a critical strategic move for our clients.”

Lisa Sacchetti, CEO of The Renaissance Network (TRN)

Website: TRN Website

In summary, The Renaissance Network (TRN) is fulfilling a significant market need for education, technology, and community impact organizations by leveraging their industry vertical expertise, premium talent search capabilities, and vast, diverse candidate ecosystem. TRN has access to the best and brightest talent through 28+ years of focused excellence in Executive Search. By launching Flexible Talent Solutions in today’s rapidly changing workforce environment, TRN is enhancing the value they bring to clients; supplemental employee solutions can provide timely support and expertise, keep strategic plans on track, increase organizational agility, and decrease financial risk.

CONTACT: Lisa Sacchetti, CEO,, 617 796 9210

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